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Ethnographic Museum

Our motto:

Let's preserve the culture of European North Indigenous Peoples!

The Murmansk Museum aims to preserve, support and deliver the cultural heritage of European North Indigenous Peoples to future generations.

It is also aimed

  1. To introduce the culture of different peoples.
  2. To cultivate respect of the cultural traditions of different peoples.
  3. To let different cultures “carry on a dialog” and be peace-makers.
  4. To enhance the prestige of indigenous peoples.

The specificity of the Museum

Ethnography will be represented by folk-dressed dolls, arts and crafts of European North Indigenous peoples.

The history of the Museum

In 2001 Barents Secretariat (Norway) financed the project “Dolls of the North”. Collection of the dolls in national dwellings (wood, porcelain, textiles), ethnographic paintings and works of applied arts was acquired.

In pending of this was decided to hold international children ethnographic contest. The best contest works will become the exhibits of the Museum “Indigenous Peoples of the North”.

The program of the Museum development includes a few rounds of children contest. The first round started on 01.09.2003. Results of the first round were announced on 21 May, 2004. Children of Murmansk took part in the first round of the contest.

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