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Vladimir Semenovykh

1963 — was born in the Kirovsk region
1979-1983 — College, student, Sverdlovsk city
1994-2001 — Teacher of children's art school, Murmansk
1992 — personal exhibition in the Murmansk Regional Museum of Local Lore, History and Art
1996 — participation in the charitable exhibition, “In memory of Izmailov”
1998 — regional art exhibition
2000 — personal exhibition in Norway

Vladimir Semenovykh is a young artist reproducing not only the visible beauty of nature, but of the world and the harmony of the cosmic spirit. “Step beyond the horizon” — this phrase can best describe his works metaphorically and graphically. His works are close to surrealism and avant-garde. The philosophical orientation of his works, is reproduced through intricate rhythms of lines, contrasting color blots, mystic characters, ceramics and small plastic figures. They are monumental and organically joined together. The artist especially likes to depict man and in particular, the features of his inner self.

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