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Alexander Shadrin

1951 — was born in Murmansk
1958 — Art studio, Murmansk
1963-1969 — student of Art School by the Institute named after I. Repin, St. Petersburg
1963-1973 — student of the Institute named after I. Repin, sculpture department, sub-faculty of easel painting, chair of Anikushin
1973 — Fund of Arts
1973 — Military service (painter)
1974 — Film studio “Lenfilm”, painter (plasticine animated cartoon)
1975 — Founder of ceramics workshop, the settlement of Kola.

Alexander Shadrin is Murmansk born and bred. He received classic education in St. Petersburg (Academy of Arts) and came back to his native city. He dedicate all his creative works to the ancient land of Kola. Alexander is the only sculptor working with porcelain. A lot of townsmen know his original ceramics works such as vases, small plastic figures showing life and traditions of indigenous nationality of the Kola peninsula — Saami. Alexander Shadrin is a follower of realism, so his works are clear to onlooker. His works represent a stated value because all of them were created after the earnest study of historical ethnography.

Alexander is a painter and a citizen who cares for the destiny of Saami people. He respects the past of Saami, and is anxious for its future.

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