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Galeev Kharis

1954 — was born in Murmansk
1972 — completed his studies in art school in Murmansk
1972-1976 — Art College, student of Easel Painting Department, the city of Kazan.


1979-present — Participation in city and regional exhibitions of the members of the Murmansk Association of Artists
1999 — The first international contest of snow sculptures, “Snow Fantasy”, Murmansk
1999 — All-Russian exhibition, Moscow;
2000 — International festival of “Ice and Snow Sculptures”, the city of Petrozavodsk;
2001 — International festival “Snow Fantasy”, Murmansk

At present, he is a teacher of drawing and sketching at school 51 and head of an art studio.

“The Master of Tundra”
According to the ancient legend of the Saami, nature has its own spirits or masters. The spirits mastered fire, water, trees, and stones. They could be kind or wicked, and the prosperity of the Saami depended upon their mood. The spirit named Mekh-Khozik, ruled the tundra. He enjoyed silence, did no harm, but became angry when someone annoyed him and could even lead the disturber into the forest and slay him.

“The Mistress of Water”
In accordance with an old legend, Sazen was the Mistress of Water. She appeared nude and enticed those who bathed in cold water.

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