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Yakov Yakovlev

Yakovlev Yakov is a painter, illustrator and book designer, craftsman of applied arts (male fancy-work), his native language is Saami.

1962 — was born in the settlement of Lovozero
1980-1982 — student of Arts, Restoration and Construction College, St. Petersburg
1982-1984 — military service
1984 — carver on wood, Krasnodar region
1987 — illustrator, book designer and typist, the Palace of Culture, Lovozero
1993 — decorator of the Center of National Culture
1995 — student of carving on bone, Sweden
1995 — student, Norwegian language
1995-present — teacher of carving on wood, bone and horn

Yakovlev Yakov is representative of the Saami — very small indigenous nationality of the Kola peninsula (at present there are only 1600 Saami living here). He is born painter, so he dedicates all his life to creative work. Yakov is a person of manifold gifts — painting, applied arts, book graphics etc. His works are noted with philosophy, understanding of the destiny of Saami. Yakov's works show the pain for the past and anxiety for the future of Saami. Yakov Yakovlev realizes the tragedy of Saami people and this tragedy is the main theme of his works. Yakov has illustrated a lot of tales and historical novels, and each work has the part of Yakov's self. We can travel to the past of this steadfast people, feel compassion to Saami and hope for the best thanks to the works of Yakov. Pain for Saami and hope for the best this phrase can best describe his works.

At present Yakov is a head of the School of Applied Arts uniting a lot of gifted craftsmen whose works had been already exhibited in Norway. Their fretworks on wood, horn and bone had been acquired by different museums. There are some learners of Yakov and he is proud for them.

Yakov is an outstanding Master and his work deserve the best praise. He had created unique series of wooden sculptures including the sculpture of musician, painter and writer. This sculptures are combined by great mastery and extraordinary fantasy.

Either every people can be proud of such remarkable craftsman as Yakov Yakovlev and as soon as the nation has such talented man, it has the future.

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